Villa Hanyomi

  • Villa Hanyomi Batu Tampak Depan
  • Villa Hanyomi Batu Tampak Depan

Services Description Front View Villa Hanyomi Batu

Villa Hanyomi Batu was Built on Jalan Abdul Gani Atas in the Komplek Villa Kencana Apel Blok D2 Batu.

Villa Hanyomi Apples There are 6 bedrooms with a total of 2 beds each with a width of 1.4M with a mattress and pillows that are very comfortable and clean.

Hanyomi Batu Villa was built by choosing a very beautiful view with a view behind Panderman Hill and a front view of Batu City and Malang and the beautiful Mount Arjuno.

Hanyomi Batu Villa Is Also Equipped With A 4M X 9m Swimming Pool Behind It And Provides Complete Cooking Tools, Dishes, Rice Cookers, Refrigerators, Dispensers, Toasters, Large Toasters, Water Heaters As Well As Spacious Living Rooms So That You Can Really Spoil Your Family Who Vacation In Stone With Cool Air.

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