Villa Hanyomi

Luxury Villa Rental in Batu Malang, Lease lodging in Stone Town, the rental accommodation in Stone Town exlusive poor.

Hanyomi Stone Built Villa In Jalan Abdul Gani Over The Complex Villa Kencana Apple Block D2 Stone.

Villa Hanyomi Apples There Are 6 Bedrooms With total 2 Bed Each Room With Wide Bed 1.4 M Size With Mattress And Pillows Are Very Comfortable And Clean.

Hanyomi Stone Built Villa By Choosing A Very Beautiful View With View Of The Backside Of The Hill Panderman And Front Views Of Stone Town And Unfortunate And Arjuno.

Hanyomi Stone Villa Is Also Equipped With A Swimming Pool Measuring 4 M X 9 M Behind Him And Provide Complete Cooking Tools, Dishes, Rice Cooker, Fridge, Dispenser, Grill, Toaster, Water Heater And A Spacious Family Room So That It Can Really Spoil Your Family Vacationing In Stone With The Cool Air

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